Designed and built in 1929 by famous English architect, Professor Leslie Wilkinson, Bibury is one of the finest and earliest examples of his famous domestic Mediterranean architectural style.

Leslie Wilkinson was the first appointed head of architecture at the University of Sydney.  While retaining his own private practice he was responsible for buildings within the university including finishing the famed quadrangle & medical school, a number of churches in Sydney and some notable private residences in Sydney and beyond.

Constructed in 1929 for local lawyer Alexander Robert McGregor at a cost of £3,745 , the home was originally known as Shadowood.  Wilkinson's favoured Mediterranean style is clearly evident with the terracotta exterior colour, pale green shutters and bright red front door replicated on many of his designs.  His signature concrete lattice work and colonnades are evident in many features throughout the home.

The widow of the first owner of the property took the original name when she moved to her new home in Link's Road and the house was renamed Bibury.

Bibury changed hands a number of times over the years and had various refurbishments, renovations and name changes.  When the current owners purchased the property in 2014, they undertook the task of restoring Bibury to her former glory while bring her up to 2018 modern standards in the bathrooms, kitchen and heating.

Working closely with heritage advisors and a talented team of builders, designers and landscapers, Bibury's restoration is now complete.

The owners are thrilled to share their beautiful home so that others can enjoy the grandeur and serenity that is Bibury.

CIRCA 1933